Key Details:

  • Scheme: Infra Empire StockBucket
  • Subscription charges: 499/-
  • Managed By: Elite Wealth Research
  • Volatility: Med. Volatility
  • Minimum Investment: ₹53,000/-

Welcome to Infra Empire StockBucketa collection of stocks that includes businesses that are leading the charge in creating and maintaining the infrastructure that supports our daily lives. Our portfolio is carefully crafted to contain shares of businesses that are market leaders, have a solid track record of achievement, and have a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability. You may capitalise on the rising need for infrastructure development and help create a better future for future generations by making an investment in Infra Empire StockBucket. Join us as we create an empire characterised by prosperity and expansion with Infra Empire StockBucket. Investing in the Infrastructure Empire portfolio has the following advantages:

  • Exposure to a growing sector: Infrastructure is a vital sector that is essential for economic growth and development. By investing in Infrastructure Empire, you can gain exposure to a growing market with enormous potential for long-term growth.
  • Diversification: The portfolio of equities in Infra Empire StockBucket is diverse, which can assist lower risk and volatility. You may take advantage of the development potential of the infrastructure sector by investing in a variety of businesses while distributing your risk among several equities.
  • Long-term growth potential: Infrastructure is a long-term investment, and the businesses in the Infra Empire StockBucket are positioned to profit from long-term trends including population expansion, urbanisation, and technological advancement.
  • Sustainable investments: Many of the businesses in the Infra Empire StockBucket are committed to sustainability and minimising the negative effects of infrastructure development on the environment. Your financial support of these businesses will help create a more sustainable future.
  • Strong fundamentals: The businesses in the Infra Empire StockBucket have excellent foundations, such as strong financials, seasoned management teams, and a track record of achievement. You may profit from their knowledge and experience in the infrastructure sector by making investments in these businesses.
  • Defining the universe: All publicly traded companies on the National Stock Exchange of India are included in the universe.
  • Research: The Elite Wealth Research team does in-depth research, along with internal presentations, and decides the criteria to be used for constituent screening.
  • Historical back-testing: Infra Empire StockBucket by the Elite Wealth Research Team is checked for historical outperformance to ensure that only consistently outperforming strategies are selected.
  • Stock Screening: The stock screening is done through the B.I.G.P.I.C. stock selection process which is as follows:
    • Broader Markets: No stock decision is taken without domestic and Global economic considerations
    • Industry Analysis: The focus is to follow a top-down approach to pick the Leaders from the outperforming Industries.
    • Growth Trajectory: Elite’s radar stretches to only those companies that have shown quarterly growth (y-o-y) as well exponential Annual Growth in EPS.
    • Promoter and Management: Study of the Promoters and the Board of Directors.
    • Institutional Backing: More weightage is given to sectors targeted by MFs, AMCs, Banks, etc.
    • Charts and Technicals: Entry into positions will be well-timed and technical indicators will be used to support our investment theory
  • Weighting: The list of selected stocks is weighted such that the risk contribution of each stock in the StockBucket is equal. By focusing on risk instead of market cap or value, this weighting scheme provides better diversification and protection against market volatility
  • Rebalance: This StockBucket is rebalanced as and when required.
  • Stocks:8
  • Rebalance Frequency: As per the requirement

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